How does it work?

Zario offers you actionable challenges of two types REDUCE and REPLACE. Every challenge takes you closer to your goal and helps you free up more of your screen time, while learning new things to replace unwanted screen time habits.
Reduce challenges teach you how to change your habits, set up your phone in a less distracting way and reduce your screen time in the long run.
Replace challenges are alternatives to mindless scrolling that activate new areas in your brain and support your wellbeing.

Do you ever catch yourself scrolling your phone mindlessly?


“It was beyond my expectations. I already tried a lot to reduce my screen time. This was the first thing that helped me understand my habits.”


“I had lots of fun. I have never tried something like this and it very much exceeded my


“I learned a lot. It made me realize why I was procrastinating and
helped me reduce screen time.”

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