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What is the paid mindfluencer program?

The mindfluencer program includes influencers, entrepreneurs, content creators or everyone who wants to help people improve their daily life. The program is free to join, and allows you to monetize your audience and earn commissions from your new referrals from 100 downloads.

What requirements do I need to meet to apply?

To apply, you must:

  • have an active account on social media and share the same values as Zario
  • have an established audience
  • be determined to help people live a digital balanced life
  • fill the form to get your personal link
How will I know if my application is accepted?

After sending your form, we will process your request and assess whether your account, and after we will contact you via e-mail if the request is approved, to give you the personal link in addition to more informations on the payment methods and dates.

What is the commission structure?

You're eligible to receive a commission from 100 downloads with your personal link. When you've reached 100 downloads, we'll inform you immediatly and pay you 10 dollars / euros for every 100 downloads. There is no maximum number of people you can refer, we want you to earn as much as possible.

What is the payment method?

We invite you to fill the form to receive all the information about the payment methods and dates if your application is accepted.